Nadia; loves pasta and harry styles
gus is a cutie and so is tate

I love you more than my own skin and even though you don’t love me the same way, you love me anyways, don’t you? And if you don’t, I’ll always have the hope that you do, and I’m satisfied with that. Love me a little. I adore you." - Frida Kahlo


MIDDAY 12:16 P.M. Jeans weather. Long sleeves for the AC. Bike to newsstand, the yogurt place, the good dry cleaner. Try to find appropriate birthday card for J. Unsuccessful. Return to see neighbor has draped his fire escape in Tibetan prayer flags—for the World Cup? Fourth of July? Both? 



flower harvest

good vibes ☀


the goal of my makeup use is absolutely not to look natural like my goal is to look otherworldly and possibly from the moon

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